SMCB CCD Mission

The SMCB Catechetical Ministry seeks to foster a young person's growth in holiness through the teaching of Catholic Doctrine, tradition, and the experience of Christian celebration. Our focus is to prepare them to be effective members of our society while also bringing to light their identity as a Syro-Malabar Catholic and the traditions and practices specific to our Rite. Religious education programs create opportunities for the young to receive systematic catechesis to learn and experience the faith through classes, liturgies, discussions, projects and community activities.

   All facets of these programs are designed to help young people see themselves as unique children of a loving God. As a result, our young people will receive from and contribute to the parish family and society during their journey to mature in their role as Catholic witnesses of faith. The relevance of Sacraments and the importance of the presence of Jesus Christ in our daily lives are taught in a challenging and inspiring environment.

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CCD Handbook

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