Per the medical advice, unvaccinated people are more prone to COVID-19 infection, if proper precautions are not taken. Precautions include, wearing a mask and keeping the 6 feet distance. Always stay at home if you feel sick or have any symptoms of COVID-19. 

  • We will be continuing to stream the weekly Holy Mass.
  • Relaxing the pe-registration requirement to attend the Holy Mass.
  • Always stay at home if you feel sick or have any symptoms of COVID-19.

Mask Advisory 

  • Though not mandatory, we advise the members to wear the mask while inside the church. 
  • However, non-vaccinated members expected to wear the mask at all times (per the State mandate). 

Social Distancing 

  • Seating downstairs will be relaxed.
  • Balcony reserved for Non-vaccinated parishioners and parishioners who prefer social distancing. 


  • Disinfecting For Sunday mass Church will be sanitized by Volunteers assigned by family unit assignment.
  • Sanitizer We have placed auto dispensing hand-sanitizers in the main foyer of the church.
  • Please apply first for you, before you help the young kids in sanitizing


  • When giving “Peace” please do so from a distance. 
  • While forming lines for Communion, do so pew wise to avoid long lines and crowding.
  • During feast on your way out, when venerating the saints, please offer so without touching 

Church Facility Rental 

  • Rental of the church facility now open for parishioners.
  • Kitchen use is off limits.
  • Catered food can be served.

For questions & concerns

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